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Videotape to digital

Thirty Years of Broadcast Television Experience


$13.99 each
For 2 hours

Videotape To Digital File and DVD - All Tape Formats

Award Winning Quality At  A Great Price

Digital File


Not sure what type of Videotape you have?  We do!  

VHS to Digital VHS-C Hi-8 Mini DV


8mm Videotape

8mm, High 8, and Digital 8



MiniDV, HDV,




Broadcast Formats
Sony Beta SP, SX, Digi Beta, U-Matic

Digital File


$24.99 each
For 2 hours

Included In Your Order



  • MP4 video/digital files are delivered to customers on a USB flash-drive or external hard-drive.

  • High quality videotape transfer up to 120 minutes*

  • DVD, Case, and Personalized  Cover  (+$2.00)

  • DVD chapter markers every 5 minutes


  • We keep finished movie files on our servers for 1 year as backup for loss, or for need of extra copies or editing.



  • Additional DVD Copies 

         ($5.00 each at time of order)

         ($10.00 each at a later date)


  • We offer external hard-drives and USB sticks for sale, but customers are welcome to send in their own new or empty storage media.  Please do not send in media with content, as we reformat all storage devices before we process your job.


  • Storage such as a USB Stick or hard-drive can be purchased from us at market cost. 


  • Editing Services

         ($45.00 per hour)


  • Tape Repair ($5.00)

         w/Tape Conversion


  • *Uncompressed Broadcast Tapes are ($24.99 each)

Some VHS tapes were recorded at EP (extended play) or SP (standard play) which contained up to 6 hours of footage on one VHS tape, while a standard DVD disc holds up to 2 hours of video at DVD quality.

To maintain quality any tape that is over 2 hours long will be edited and put on separate DVD's at $13.99 per each additional 2 hours.

Broadcast videotapes
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