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8mm, Super-8, 16mm Film

Film To Digital File and *DVD- 8mm - Super8 - 16mm

Award winning quality at a great price


50ft of Film



Digital File


All film is cleaned by hand to remove mold, dust, and dirt. 
Broken splices are repaired.  

Included In Your Order


  • We use high definition frame by frame film scanners to digitally scan and record the entire content of each frame of your film.


  • Film inspection, repair, and cleaning prior to scanning.


  • DVDs include a customized case and disc cover, chapter markers at the start of every new film clip, and a title will appear before each clip if your film reels are labeled at drop-off.  


  • MP4 Video Files are delivered to customers on USB flash-drive or external hard-drive.


  • We keep finished movie files on our servers for 1 year as backup for loss, or for need of extra copies or editing.



  • 90% of Super-8 film has no sound.  If yours does, we give you the option to have it transferred also for ($36.00 per 50ft)


  • Additional DVD Copies

        ($5.00 each at time of order) 

      ($10.00 at a later date)


  • Storage such as a USB flash-drive or hard-drive can be purchased from us at market cost. 


  • We offer external hard-drives and USB sticks for sale, but customers are welcome to drop-off or send a New or Empty storage media.  Please do not send in media with content, as we reformat all storage devices before we process your job.

  • Editing Services

        ($45.00 per hour)




Because Of The Age/Condition Of Your Film There Could Be Additional Charges Based On The Time It Takes.  We Will Not Proceed without Your Approval If That Applies.

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